Covid Protocol

We believe the following protocol to be a common sense approach which relies on our members being aware of the possible concerns of others and each of us having consideration for our fellow members.

We will strive to keep this protocol updated as the pandemic progresses and as any legal requirements change.

1.  All members are expected to have had two doses of one of the UK approved vaccines as well as a booster.  We reserve the right to request proof of vaccination if thought necessary.

2.  At the time of writing face masks are no longer a legal requirement in England yet their continued use is widespread, at least amongst older adults.  We encourage members to wear them as they come into rehearsals until they are seated.   We would not expect members to wear masks when singing.  They should be put on again whilst indoors when leaving.

3.  We expect each member to take personal responsibility for maintaining at least one metre social distancing.  Seating at rehearsals will be set out so as to help comply with this.  

4.  As in the past we will have a register for each voice part which each attendee should initial to show their attendance.  Each register will include a note at its head reminding us of this protocol.

5.  Our rehearsal venue is likely to change from time to time, initially being the Chapel.  It is unlikely to be the Courtroom until 2022.  Each location will be considered separately for its spaciousness, airflow etc and if thought necessary windows and / or doors will be left open, taking into account weather conditions and, if possible, the wishes of those attending.  As an example the Chapel is considered to be relatively spacious and lofty so that we would not expect doors to be left open and we can easily ensure at least a metre social distancing.

6.  Social distancing is equally important on arrival and when leaving each rehearsal.  All members are asked to ensure they avoid causing or forming queues or blockages when entering or leaving and to maintain the recommended distance.  Members should avoid arriving at a time when queuing is more likely, such as the five or so minutes before the start.

7.  No member should attend a rehearsal or performance if they are feeling unwell, have voluntarily recently taken a Covid test of any kind which was found to be positive, or knows they have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed as having Covid 19.