For our Christmas Concert in 2018 we raised funds in support of Medical Detection Dogs, generating just over £1000.  Esther Clark-Van Oostrum, our Committee member in touch with the charity says : 

"With our £1000 and together with funds raised from my husband's running club, and sales of my artwork, we raised enough money to name a puppy. This summer both choir members and runners gave me lots of suggestions for a name, and you'll be delighted to hear that a choir member's suggestion was chosen: Quaver. Fabulous choice!QUAVER Medical Detection Dog OCT 2019 1.jpg

This cute little ball of fluff started puppy training around a month ago. She lives with her puppy parents near Milton Keynes and she will hopefully make a massive difference to somebody's life!"

In their recent letter of thanks the Medical Detection Dogs charity wrote:

"We're delighted to inform you puppy Quaver has settled in very well with her new family and has started her early socialising training, the first step towards becoming an accredited Medical Alert Assistance Dog supporting a client with a life-threatening condition or working within the Bio detection team detecting early stages of disease.

The Charity has now placed 85 accredited Medical Alert Assistance dogs across the country and continues to conduct ground-breaking research into the potential of dogs to assist clinicians in the early detection and diagnosis of cancer and other human diseases."

It's very gratifying to know that our audience and ourselves made such a significant and appreciated contribution to this relatively new and very worthwhile cause.

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