Mystery & Magical Music - Mozart's Requiem - A Workshop

Join us on Saturday 11th March 2023 and explore
Mozart's Requiem with Peter Allwood.

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Remember the film “Amadeus”?  

Hard to believe it was released nearly 40 years ago, but it is a timeless movie and a multi Oscar winner.  Based on a stage play described by its writer as a "fantasia on a theme”, it tells the tale of two composers in late 18th century Vienna, one still considered a genius, the other now virtually unknown - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri - and what might have been their respective roles in the composition of what we call “Mozart’s Requiem”.

It is a magnificent musical work, and one you will probably have sung, but is there truth in this tale?  Come and join us for a musical workshop with Peter Allwood where he will not only lead us in rehearsing this entire work (including the solo sections) but will also attempt to separate fact from fiction, considering who really wrote what, debunking myths as the day progresses.

Our day will culminate in a full run through of the Requiem, making the whole experience a memorable occasion, and especially helpful for singers expecting or hoping to sing it with their own choirs in the future. 

Peter Allwood

With wide-ranging experience as a music teacher and head teacher, Peter is now a freelance conductor, composer, musical director, workshop leader, and accompanist, with a particular passion for choral direction.   He is currently music director of the Chantry Quire in West Sussex, and is an occasional guest with other choirs and orchestras.

His penultimate teaching post was as Head of Music at Christ’s Hospital school when he was also Musical Director of Christ’s Hospital Choral Society.  He is remembered with great affection by our more long standing members who know him to be a brilliant, encouraging and hugely enthusiastic choral director, and one who achieves great results with his choirs.

Peter Allwood

The Workshop

Provisional timings are:
Registration - 10.30 a.m. for 11.00 start
13.15 to 13.45 - Short lunch break
13.45 to 15.30 - Continued workshop
15.30 to 16.30 - Run through of the complete work


Our Accompanist for the day will be Jon Lee,  organist at Christ’s Hospital.

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Time, Date & Place :-   

11.00 a.m. Saturday 11th March 2023 
Big School, Christ's Hospital, Horsham

Tickets are £20 each, with a reduction for members of Christ’s Hospital Choral Society.  

A copy of the music will be loaned to you on the day for return at the end.  We will be using the Novello Old edition but if you already have a copy please do bring it, regardless of the edition.

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You will be asked to give your voice part and we have to reserve the right to close orders to certain voice parts if it appears that the choir will be unbalanced. For the same reason tickets may not be available on the door.

You will not be expected to have sung Mozart's Requiem before,  but this workshop will have special appeal for those who have .  If you are unfamilar with the work and would like to do some preparatory learning, voice part resources can be found   >> HERE

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